Christian Globensky Land of Culture musique et vidéo, 2008

De nombreuses créations musicales ne comportant que des textes tirés du célèbre Ainsi parlait Zarathoustra, ont déjà été enregistrées par la formation Star Rounds, entre 1998 et 2008. Serait-ce la première fois qu’une formation de FreeOpenRock entreprend de mettre en musique le chef-d’œuvre de Nietzsche ? La formation initiale, Alex Mittelmann (bass, electronic drum, vocals) et Globe’n’sky (guitars, vocals), a enregistré à Paris un premier album intitulé BROTHERS IN COLORS, en 1998…

Au pays de la culture / Land of culture / art video 05:21 adapté de / from = Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche ‘Thus spoke Zarathustra’ Réalisation / director = Christian Globensky Musique originale / original music = Star rounds De l’album / from = Brothers in colors Guitare / guitar & voix / voice = globensky Basse / bass & batterie / drum = alex mittelmann Keept Talking Agency 2008

Land of Culture

Music by Star rounds* / lyrics by Nietzsche

I flew too far into the future

A horror assailed me

And when I looked around, behold !

Time was my only contemporary

You are unfruitful : therefore you lake belief

That is also how you should be

Then I flew back, homeward

and faster and faster I flew :

and so I came to you,

you men of the present,

and to the land of culture.

The first time I brought with me an eye

to see you and healthy desires

truly, I came to you with longing in my heart.

My eye had never seen anything so motley-spotted !

I laughed and laughed, while my foot still trembled and my heart as well :

Here must be the home of all the paint-pots ?

Truly, you could wear no better masks than your own faces,

you men of the present ! Who could recognize you !

            >Recognize humain better

            Recognize humain better<

Written over with the signs of the past and these signs overdaubed with new signs :

thus you have hidden yourselves well from all interpreters of signs !

Thus spoke Zarathustra.

Of the Land of Culture