Christian Globensky, How I learned To Stand Tall, KTA Publishers, 2016


How I learned To Stand Tall, 105 pages. Graphic design: KTA Studio. Original in french language: « Comment j’ai appris à me tenir droit ». Translation: Clea Hance.

ISBN : 979 10 94517 03 1

The little artist book that you are about to discover, might at first glance be mistaken for a collection of self-help exercices. It embraces, in point of fact, a much wider field, ranging from philosophy to aesthetics. While the author’s intention is to demonstrate how giving is at the heart of self-realization, understood here as an aesthetic phenomenon, it is intended rather to better address the question, « How can one become a sponsor of generosity? »  Since the transcending of self requires above all the giving of self, this book also pays special attention to body language, offering the reader multiple tips to enable him or her to live both an aesthetic and athletic rebirth.


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